Podcast - Wireless Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard
Podcast - Wireless Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard

Podcast - Wireless Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard

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The Matias Wireless Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard is a slim, aluminum, wireless (Bluetooth) keyboard with a similar layout to the familiar Apple Wireless Keyboard. It has two features that enhance your experience compared to the regular Apple Wireless Keyboard:

1. It has a rechargeable battery with a typical battery life of up to 1 year before needing charging.

2. It has the ability to pair to three Bluetooth devices at the same time, and easily switch between the three devices with the press of a button. Now you can use the same beautiful, great-feeling keyboard for your Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, or PC; the keyboard even pairs with the optimal layout for each type of device, so when you switch between devices, the keyboard layout is what you expect.

There are two color choices for this keyboard:

- Silver Aluminum with White Keys

- Space Gray Aluminum with Black Keys


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