Keycap Set, White, Blank

Keycap Set, White, Blank

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This is a set of blank Alps keycaps made of white ABS plastic. The set provided is the full set of keys associated with the Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard for PC. There are enough keycaps in the set that you can make up the U.S. (ANSI) layout OR the European (ISO) layout. Keys provided are:

R4: 40 1x1, 2 1x1 LED, 1 1x2 (backspace)

R3: 20 1x1, 2 1x1.5 (tab, \)

R2-R3: 1 2x1 (+ on NumPad), 1 2x1T (Enter for EU or JP)

R2: 13 1x1, 3 1x1 Blind (F,J, NumPad 5), 1 1x1.75 (CapsLock LED), 1x2.25 (Enter U.S.)

R1-R1: 1 2x1 (Enter on NumPad)

R1: 22 1x1, 8 1x1.25, 4 1x1.5 (Ctrl, Alt), 2 1x1.75, 1 1x2 (0 on NumPad), 2x2.25 (left shift U.S.), 1x2.75 (right shift), 1 1x5.5 (spacebar), 1 1x6.25 (spacebar), 1 1x7 (spacebar)


Note that this keycap set does not include stabilizers or hooks. If you would like these, please order the "Stabilizer and Hook Set" found on this website. It has all the stabilizers (balance bars) and hooks necessary for the U.S. or Euro sets above.

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