Faster / Cheaper Shipping to
EU and Asia
with No Extra Duty


Customers in Europe, Asia, Australia or New Zealand can get products quicker, and avoid customs clearance problems, by buying from our local distributors...




UK / Europe - The Keyboard Company



Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg - 2Serve



France - MacWay



Germany, Austria - MacLAND



Switzerland - DataQuest



Italy - iDistribution



Spain - Macnificos



Portugal - Servisoft



China - Beijing LaiGe Technology



Japan - Diatec



Singapore - Macshop



Australia - Weston / AusPCMarket



New Zealand - Computer Direct



Please note, that if you want to buy DIRECTLY from us instead, you will ALSO have to pay customs clearance / taxes / duty to your government when the product is imported into your country. The amount you pay is set by your government, not us.

Much better to buy local, and avoid the extra expense.