Shipping to Europe and Asia

Customers in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia or New Zealand can get products quicker, and avoid customs clearance problems, by buying from our local distributors.

We also offer a dedicated webstore for our customers in the EU, operated by our European distributor IDCP:  Matias EU Webstore 


UK - The Keyboard Company

Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Greece, Romania, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine - IDCP

France - MacWay

Germany, Austria - MacLAND

Switzerland - ComputerWorks

Italy - iDistribution

Spain - Macnificos 

Portugal - Servisoft

Israel - Manta 

Hong Kong - Basco Technology

Japan - Diatec

Singapore - Macshop

Indonesia - Mechanical Keyboards Indonesia

Australia - Weston 

New Zealand - Computer Direct


In order to support our international distributors, the main Matias online store will only process orders shipped to addresses in USA or Canada. 

If you are not located in USA or Canada, you need to contact one of the distributors in your country, and buy from them.