Collection: Wireless USB-C

When we invented the patent pending Matias USB-C Nano Receiver, the world's smallest wireless USB-C receiver, we wanted to use it right away on our own keyboards and mice. 

We love Wireless USB-C technology, because it has so many advantages compared to other wireless technologies that require you to pair your device.

  • With Wireless USB-C, you just plug the dongle into your computer, and the keyboard or mouse instantly works
  • AES-128 bit encryption is great wireless security, meaning it is suitable for corporations, governments, or anyone needing high security
  • You avoid most of the wireless interference issues other technologies have, giving you enhanced reliability
  • The keyboard is fully active at start-up, so advanced users can use boot key sequences, unlike other wireless technologies that require the computer start-up sequence to finish before the keyboard will operate
  • Our particular dongle is so small, you can leave it plugged into your computer without fear of it snagging or breaking off


Below is the collection of Matias keyboards and mice that use the Matias USB-C Nano Receiver. 

All prices in U.S. dollars, but you can convert to Canadian dollars by clicking on the currency selector at the bottom of this page.