60% Keyboard

60% Keyboard

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The Matias 60% Keyboard is a compact USB keyboard with Matias mechanical switches that is being launched as part of a special group buy, in which people can order many different variations of a completed keyboard, and/or just buy parts and make it a "Do It Yourself" project. It is also a project in which we are listening to feedback from the mechanical keyboard community to introduce interesting features that have never appeared before on a Matias keyboard.

Based on the results so far, we will be doing the entire keyboard with PBT keycaps. We are also exploring some interesting new engineering techniques that will appear first on this keyboard. 

Because of the exploratory nature of this keyboard, there is no specific end date in mind to finish engineering, let alone production. It will ship when design and production is completed. It could be a few months from now, or a couple of years from now. You should not buy this keyboard if you are in a rush for a product. You should buy this keyboard if you want to be part of a cool project and be one of the first in the world to benefit from some new engineering techniques in the field of keyboard design.

We are selling the U.S. model on our website. For the UK, German, or Nordic models, please order from our UK/Europe distributors "The Keyboard Company".

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