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Keycap Set, Black, Blank, Planck

Keycap Set, Black, Blank, Planck

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This is a set of blank Alps keycaps made of black ABS plastic. The set provided is the full set of keys associated with the Planck Keyboard. There are enough keycaps in the set that you can make up the Grid layout OR the MIT layout. Keys provided are:

R3: 12 1x1

R2: 10 1x1, 2 1x1 Blind

R1: 24 1x1, 1 1x2


Note: this keycap set does not include stabilizers or hooks, and they are not necessary for this layout. This is a set of keycaps only. To actually build the Planck keyboard, you have to buy other parts (like Matias switches available on this site), and other parts available from Ortholinear Keyboards





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